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Contention 1 is the economy
Fiscal cliff is coming, it will destroy the recovery – continued economic stimulus is key
WSJ 12,
Falling military spending and ... the fourth consecutive month.

First is declining infrastructure- NIB doubles investments in infrastructure
Anderson 11 ,
As a [[#|small business]] ... deal for every citizen.

NIB solves large-scale projects
Still, a U.S. transportation pay for it?”

Failing infrastructure affects all sectors of the economy - prevents a resilient supply chain
Little 11
The massive network of ... decline and its consequences.

Declining infrastructure is undermining the foundation of the U.S. economy by destroying competitiveness
Donohue 11
As Obama and Congress ...the challenge, we are.

Competitiveness prevents great power war
Khalilzad 11
We face this domestic ... that we face today.

Second is stimulus –NIB is key to restore investor confidence –generates hundreds of thousands of [[#|jobs]]
Skidelsky & Martin 11
But could a National ... and other long-term investors.

NIB is uniquely beneficial– creates jobs, easy on the deficit, and no crowd out
Skidelsky & Martin 11
President Obama is in ... to the broader economy.

More Stimulus is Needed to Restart Banks’ Lending

In February [2009] the ... credit-worthy borrowers seeking [[#|loans]].

NIB stimulus is key to P3s
Puentes 12

Third is that the ... public-private partnership market.

Prefer higher infrastructure multipliers—superior Keynesian theories
Hall 10(Robert, professor of economics at Stanford University, fall 2010, “Fiscal Stimulus,” Daedalus p. 83, Academic OneFile)

The financial press equates... models in use today.

Economic decline causes nuclear war
Harris and Burrows 9
Of course, the report ...dip or W-shaped recession.

The US is the underpinning of the global economy
Rahman 11
Several developments, especially in... squabbling over how much

Growth eliminates the only rational incentives for war
Almost as informative as ... becomes a durable anachronism.

Risk Analysis

Contention 2 is Risk Analysis
Government [[#|agencies]] rarely use rigorous economic tools like benefit-cost analysis when considering investment decisions –resulting in poor policy outcomes
Peters 7 ,
[[#|Application]] of BCA to ... solely on economic grounds.

Only the plan overcomes political and institutional barriers for effective benefit-cost analysis
Istrate & Puentes 10,
In short, the federal ...federal investment in infrastructure.

This decision-making process is unique – provides a key model for other [[#|federal agencies]]
Andersen 11
As a small [[#|business]] ... deal for every citizen.

Cost Benefit Analysis is key to solve for inevitable existential risks
Roberts 8
Posner makes a persuasive ...risks to prepare for.

Effective government analysis provides a terminal filter to the probability AND magnitude of all global impacts – provides a backstop to disads
Since the terrorist attacks...the Department's principal objectives

Existential Risks are inevitable-Benefit-cost analysis is key to create useful policies
Bostrom 8
Other global catastrophic risks ... improving the human condition.

Plan Text

The United States federal government should substantially increase merit-based transportation infrastructure [[#|loans in]] the United States issued by an independent government-owned National Infrastructure Bank.

Contention 3 is Solvency
Squo funding of infrastructure is inefficient-NIB solves
Schwartz, 9
Over the past several ...that infrastructure assets generate.

A national bank devoted just to transportation will revitalize U.S. infrastructure --- it'll be easy on the budget and politically palatable
Another creative funding idea ... improve the status quo.

The NIB’s competitive, inter-modal, multijurisdictional approach is key—only federal action solves
Istrate and Puentes 9 (Istrate, Emilia, senior research analyst and associate fellow with the Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative specializing in transportation financing, and Puentes, Robert, Senior Fellow and Director of the Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative, December 2009, “Investing for Success Examining a Federal Capital Budget and a National Infrastructure Bank”, Brookings Institute)
A properly designed NIB ... leveraging private co-investment.

Federal investment in NIB is key to getting the private sector on board
McConaghy and Kessler 11
The NIB would magnify ...make enduring infrastructure investments

A federal investment into loan guarantees bridge bureaucratic and budget gaps between states.
McConaghy and Perez 11
Across the country, job-creating ... without such innovative approaches.

Defense spending is inevitable which takes out your das- but infrastructure spending key to economic growth
Acemoglu et al. 2012

In crafting their response... large cost of significant delays.

NIB provides huge returns
Rohatyn 11, ESW)
Funded with a capital base ...all these things and more


Round 1 Bronx vs HSR:

Elections DA
T, Elections, Case

Round 4 Bronx vs Mass Transit:

States CP
Elections DA
Spending DA
Elections, Case

Round 6 Bronx vs Forest Roads

Elections DA

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