Act 1,

Scene 1, the Status Quo

Inherency: In the status quo illegal aliens can flood into America, even with the border fence
Kris,9/10/2008, writer,
(lots of illegal aliens can just fly in here)

Harms: Illegal aliens suck, they threaten us, and worse, hurt the economy

Conservative Republicans, accessed online 2/7/11,
(How badly the illegals hurt the U.S.)

And, the economy is the most important concern
(how much the nation cares about economy)

Even foreigners know the economy is what makes America the best
Ik-Won Lee, Translated ByJiyoung Han, 6 December 2010,
(American diplomacy & hegemony both need economy to survive)

And, Homo Sapien-American supremacy is key to peace for America and its allies

Samuel Huntington, Professor of Political Science at Harvard, International Security, Spring 1993
(American primacy matters. Impacts strengthened)

Scene 2, a not-so modest proposal

The USFG should build a space-based laser weapon for border defense

Scene 3, Solvency

We should do what we do best, arm ourselves and blow stuff up
12. Apr, 2010 by Nathaniel Bacon, Newnet14,
(No more safety in America.. "citizens better arm themselves")

A space laser would stop any of those aliens from taking our jobs
Kris, 9/10/2008, writer,
(literally the tagline.)

Scene 4, the cliffhanger:

Judge, you may be asking yourself, is this a joke? Yes, but the jokes on you Neg, our performance has political relevance and a clear solvency mechanism.

Act II

Scene 1: The real problem

Capitalism makes war, extinction, and systemic poverty inevitable

Brown 05
Charles May 13th 2005 (

Capitalism really bad, causes all impacts, capitalist class owns all wealth

And, attempts to reform capitalism fail, only through complete rejection can capitalism be solved.

Liodakis 1

(George Liodakis, Professor of Social Science, Technical University of Crete,

The reformations work within system's logic, only perpetuating existence

Scene 2, our method: Kenneth Burke’s theory of dramatism.

Eight important points here:

1.) The meaning of knowledge is semiotically constructed through culture and social position; all claims that reify dominant perspectives must be interrogated, this means you evaluate our satire before their impact claims

Mutua 01 (N. Kagendo Mutua, assistant professor of special education, Oklahoma State University, Semiotics and Dis/ability: Interrogating categories of difference, 2001, 105-106)
The meaning of things (in this case language) constantly change and are up to cultural definition, therefore any dominant theory or perception should be rejected (framework arg.)

2.) Burke’s method is perfect for solving the problem, he identified the same root issues as our 1AC, capitalism, scientism, and hierarchy.
Kastely, James L. College English. Urbana: Mar 1996. Vol. 58, Iss. 3; pg. 307, 20 pgs
“Kenneth Burke's comic rejoinder to the cult of empire”

Quote Burke identifying the problems that control society.

3.) Specifically Burke discusses hierarchy
CC, September 23, 2009,
hierarchy is needed to uphold capitalism, new link.

Capitalism requires hierarchy and hegemony, this means in line with our CC ’09 evidence, Burke’s method has the best chance of solving
Elva Fabiola Orozco-Mendoza, April 24, 2008,

5.) The Burkeian method shows us that artistic/poetic expression is the only way to break through the blinders that our society places on us.
Jason Ingram. Communication Studies. West Lafayette: Spring 2002. Vol. 53, Iss. 1; pg. 4, 21 pgs “Hegemony and globalism: Kenneth Burke and paradoxes of representation”
(Satire is able to displace those blinders)

6.) In line with the Burkeian method, the satire offered in the 1AC creates a problem in this debate round which serves as a representative anecdote for the larger struggle against power structures.
Jason Ingram. Communication Studies. West Lafayette: Spring 2002. Vol. 53, Iss. 1; pg. 4, 21 pgs “Hegemony and globalism: Kenneth Burke and paradoxes of representation”
(debate round = larger struggles between capitalist and poor)

7.)By comically stealing the symbols employed by the dominant capitalist society (in this case commodification) we create perspective by incongruence. Other methods of confronting problems lead to violence and retrenchment.
Jason Ingram. Communication Studies. West Lafayette: Spring 2002. Vol. 53, Iss. 1; pg. 4, 21 pgs “Hegemony and globalism: Kenneth Burke and paradoxes of representation”
(Most don't accept rejecting capitalism until they hear the beginning of our case. That means satire is a pre req)

8.) The comedic frame avoids the errors of other methodologies. This means that only our satire can solve.
Jason Ingram. Communication Studies. West Lafayette: Spring 2002. Vol. 53, Iss. 1; pg. 4, 21 pgs “Hegemony and globalism: Kenneth Burke and paradoxes of representation”
(violence is an example that the comedic frame can avoid)



AND – of creates precision – the OBJECT of the development/exploration must be SPACE.
[Collins World English Dictionary,]

of (ɒv, ( unstressed ) əv)
-- prep
1. used with a verbal noun or gerund to link it with a following noun that is either the subject or the object of the verb embedded in the gerund: the breathing of a fine swimmer(subject) ; the breathing of clean air (object)

Violation – the aff develops materials FOR space, to IMPROVE earth, or tech development ON earth. They don’t implement [exploration or development] in space.


1. Limits – the phrase “space development” is giant and has no limit. The topic checks that with the preposition phrase “OF SPACE” meaning it has to be of space – that checks aff that would develop tech on earth, do research, or help improve earth through a space object. Its an infinite topic.

2. Grammar creates predictable precision – ignore definitions of “space development” which doesn’t occur in the resolution. Understanding the preposition creates predictability which link turns all their justifications for their interpretation.


just the generic Baudrillard, and some Nietzche. Nothing special, but its too much to put on here, so it depends on what links.


Russian Disad

Uniqueness: NASA’s facing budget cuts
Michael George, 04/19/2011,

And, the Russian economy is slowly growing
The Canadian Press, May 09 2011,

But is still fragile
Tai Adelaja, Russia Profile, 04/25/2011,

Link: Aff increases NASA exploration/funding
And NASA crowds-out Russian jobs

IAN O'NEILL on JUNE 23, 2008,

Internal Link: Job loss kills the economy and spirals downward
James Jones, September 23, 2008,

Impact: Russian economic decline causes proliferation and accidental nuclear launch

Bruce Blair and Clifford Gaddy, President of the Center for Defense Information, former Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Minuteman launch control officer in the Strategic Air Command, Ph.D. in Operations Research from Yale, has taught security studies as a visiting professor at Yale and Princeton and Senior Fellow at Brookings. 1999, Russia's Aging War Machine,

Simulation Disad

Uniqueness: The post-human civilization is running a simulation, and we are that simulation
Nick Bostrom Department of Philosophy, Oxford University 2003 (Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?)
We're living in this simulation...

Timeframe Link: Now is key, our actions determine the continued future of either the simulation we live in or existence past the simulation, this also means timeframes past 2050 don’t matter
Peter S. Jenkins, Journal of Futures Studies, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 23-42, August 2006,
Affirmative can't solve, we'll get turned off. Furthermore, they only exacerbate situation w/ technology (run anarcho=primitivism

The Impact of going against the Simulator is extinction. We’re gonna die, which sucks.
Nick Bostrom Department of Philosophy, Oxford University 2003 (Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?

The extreme drama of a shift to Anarcho-Primitivism will please the simulators

Robin Hanson, Journal of Evolution and Technology Vol. 7 - September 2001

Counter Plan

Link - We have become addicted to the alienating effects of technology – we have lost ourselves and become dominated by the manipulation of technological society
Kursions, 2006 [Mia X., “I am Not a Machine, I am a Human Being,” Green Anarchy, Spring,]
Look at the tag, its self explanatory

Impact – Under the technological lense that alienates us omnicide is inevitable
Tucker, 2006 [Kevin, “Everywhere and Nowhere: The Pathology of the Machine,” Green Anarchy, Spring,]
extinction brotha, not cool

CP TEXT – The USFG should collapse into an anarcho-primitivist culture
No Perm, can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Barcly, 90 (Harold, Lecturer at the University of Alberta, from People without Government: An anthropology of anarchy, p 124)
The government continues oppressing people, and convincing them that they are necessary.

Alternative solvency - Liberation from the totalitarian domination of technology requires overturning our current civilization and the statism behind it.
Terra Selvaggia, 2006 [“Towards Something New,” Green Anarchy, Spring,]

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