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SPS inevitable- eight countries
NSSO 7 report by the National Security Space Office, a branch of the DOD
(“Space-Based Solar Power As an Opportunity for Strategic Security,” __, dml)
The SBSP Study... a framework immediately.

Matai 10PhD in Engineering, won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation for Bespoke Security Architecture in 2003, authority on countering complex global threats; strategic risk management & visualisation; contingency planning; Information Operations (IO); electronic defence; biometric authentication; secure payment systems and Open Source hardened kernel solutions
DK, 6-13-2010, “Japan Takes Lead in Wireless Power? 21stC Global Energy Supply,” Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance,
In the footsteps... 21st century and beyond!

Coppinger 08, (8/15/08, Fight Global Serious About Aviation, “ESA funds technology for Earth and Moon Based SBSP”
The European Space... mid-term potential"

Williams 07 (Mark, writer for technology review, “India’s Space Ambitions Soar”, July 30, technology review,
As China's star... these exploration missions."

Thus the plan:
The United States federal government should deploy space-based solar power satellites beyond the Earth's mesosphere.

Heg declining now- 35 countries challenge US position
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis 07 __
Although the United... completion by 2013.14

SPS is vital to space leadership
Ramos 2k – US Air Force Major, Thesis submitted for the AIR COMMAND AND STAFF COLL MAXWELL Air Force Base (Kim, “Solar Power Constellations: Implications for the United States Air Force,” April,
Should the Air... well as power.

Space leadership the backbone of US hegemony
Stevens 7 Robert J. Stevens – Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation, summa cum laude graduate of Slippery Rock University, master's degree in engineering and management from the Polytechnic University of New York, with a Fairchild Fellowship, earned a master's degree in business administration from Columbia Business School, graduate of the Department of Defense Systems Management College Program Management, served in the United States Marine Corps, (Lockheed Martin, 4/10/2007, 23rd National Space Symposium, “The Next 50 Years of U.S. Space Leadership”,
I want to... is developing them.”

SPS ends US fossil fuel dependence
Bova 8 –award-winning editor and an executive in the aerospace industry
Ben, “TO THE NEXT PRESIDENT From Ben Bova,” 10-2008,
Once you enter... from fossil fuels.

Reducing our oil dependency is critical to our US heg
Deutch and Schesinger 06 Chair of the Task Force, is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chair of the Task Force, is Chairman of the MITRE Corporation and a Senior Adviser at Lehman Brothers.
(John and James, INDEPENDENT TASK FORCE REPORT No. 58, National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency, Council on Foreign Relations
First,the control... or even counterproductive.

SPS creates the infrastructure to develop the rest of space
Preble, 9 - Chair of the Space Solar Power Workshop (Darel, “Space Solar Power: Star Player on the Bench,” 4/19, The Oil Drum,
Many other space... Earth, for example.

Technology solves for extinction
Baker 2k– Former Industrial Economist
Brent Barker, electrical engineer, and manager of corporate communications for the Electric Power Research Institute and former industrial economist and staff author at SRI International and as a commercial research analyst at USX Corporation, “Technology and the Quest for Sustainability.” EPRI Journal, Summer, INFOTRAC
International and as Thatfuture begins now.

Technological development is the key to US hegemony
Segal 04 Maurice R. Greenberg Senior Fellow in China Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations
(Adam, “Is America Losing its edge?” Foreign Affairs, November/December 2004)
The United States... entrepreneurship at home.

SPS programs solves alternative energy
Woody 9 (Todd Woody, staff writer for Space Future,New York Times, 12/3/9,, 6/23/11, KJ)
California regulators on... on in 2016.

SPS solves the environment

Klare 10-- a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College (6/22/10, Michael T., AlterNet, “Four Possible BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come”,
At the onset... basis in fact.

US environmental leadership is key to prevent environment degredation
Ivanova* and Esty in 8 - *Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Policy at The College of William and Mary and the Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project at the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, and Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale University (2008. “ Reclaiming U.S. Leadership in Global Environmental Governance ” Vol 28 No. 2.
What has confused... a regulatory character

Environmental collapse causes extinction.
Cairns ‘4 (John, Distinguished Emeritus University Prof. Env. Biology – Viginia Tech, “Future of Life on Earth,” Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics,
One lesson from... to live unsustainably?

Environmental policy is key to hegemony
Walter 02 chief economist at Deutsche Bank Group
(Norbert, “An American Abdication”, New York Times, Aug 28, Section A; Column 2; Editorial Desk; Pg. 19)
At present there... global environmental issues.

Heg solves all conflcits
Thayer 6—tenured prof of pol sci, Baylor. former associate prof of Defense and Strategic Study, Missouri State. Former Research Fellow, International Security Program, JFK School of Government at Harvard. MA in IR from U Chicago and BA in philosophy. PhD in pol sci, U Chicago (Bradley, Nov/Dec, In Defense of Primacy, The National Interest)
U.S. primacy--and... great power wars.

Collapse of US hegemony causes a global power vacuum resulting in nuclear war
Ferguson 04 professor of history at New York University's Stern School of Business and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (Niall, “A World without Power”, Foreign Policy )
Could an apolar... new world disorder

America will also intervene in world affiars- No uniqueness for impact turns
Shalmon and Horowitz ’09 (Dan, total badass, Mike, less of a badass, Orbis, Spring)
It is important... the global order

Hegemony is key to prevent great power war
Zhang* and Shi 11 (Both MA candidates at Columbia University. *Yuhan, researcher @ Carnegie Endowment for international peace and Lin, consultant for the World Bank. “America’s decline: A harbinger of conflict and rivalry.” January 22nd, 2011)
Paul Kennedy was probably... unrivalled US primacy

Heg is the anchor of global stability that solves every scenario for nuclear war and solidifies the world economy – offshore balancing can’t solve
Kagan 11– Robert, Senior Fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution (January 24, 2011, “The Price of Power,”
Others have. For... not fall over.


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